CompTIA Mobility+

1. Over-the-Air Technologies

  • Compare and contrast different cellular technologies
  • Configure and implement Wi-Fi client technologies using appropriate options.
  • Interpret site survey to ensure over the air communication

2. Network Infrastructure

  • Compare and contrast physical and logical infrastructure technologies and protocols
  • Disaster recovery principles and how it affects mobile devices.
  • Compare and contrast common network ports and protocols for mobile devices

3. Mobile Device Management

  • Explain policy required to certify device capabilities.
  • Install and configure mobile solutions based on given requirements.
  • Implement mobile device on-boarding and off-boarding procedures.
  • Configure and deploy mobile applications and associated technologies

4. Security

  • Identify various encryption methods for securing mobile environments.
  • Monitoring and reporting techniques to address security requirements
  • Risks, threats and mitigation strategies affecting the mobile ecosystem.

5. Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot common device problems.
  • Troubleshoot common application problems.
  • Troubleshoot common over-the-air connectivity problems.
  • Troubleshoot common security problems.