Wireless Security XPert

Convenience and mobility are two key factors driving the growth for wireless technologies. The adoption of wireless network is on the rise, but the fact that it is wireless means that it's vulnerable to attacks. As more companies go through digital transformation, we will see an increased need for the security of wireless networks and devices. Wireless security focuses on the protection of wireless networks/devices from unauthorised access attempts and attacks.

Star Wireless Security Xpert (SWSX) is the most advanced certification course for professionals in the field of wireless network security. This certificate helps the learners acquire a fundamental understanding of how hackers target wireless networks, how to identify risks, design a pre-emptive plan of action to prevent malicious wireless attacks, and develop a more secure infrastructure around critical data and applications.

The SWSX certification focuses on securing the wireless networks, detailing all aspects of wireless security, encryption ciphers and methods, to 802.11 authentication methods, dynamic encryption and key generation, to SOHO 802.11 security, fast secure roaming, VPNS, further to wireless LAN security monitoring and auditing. This certification provides all the necessary practical knowledge of configuration of an entire wireless network’s security design and architecture and prepare candidates for a career as a successful wireless security expert.


  • Beginner - Intermediate

Wireless Security XPert Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Wireless network security essentials
  • Encryption ciphers and dynamic encryption key generation
  • Enterprise 802.11 layer 2 authentication
  • SOHO 802.11 security
  • Wireless security risks and monitoring
  • WLAN security infrastructure
  • Wireless penetration testing
  • Wireless Security Policies
  • VPNs and Remote Access

Course Outcome

After competing this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the basics of wireless network security
  • Explain encryption ciphers
  • Generate encryption keys dynamically
  • Deploy 802.11 layer 2 authentication
  • Describe SOHO 802.11 security
  • Monitor wireless security risks
  • Perform pen testing on wireless networks
  • Understand Wireless security policies and principles
  • Implement security for VPNs and remote access

Table Of Contents Outline

Domain 1. Basics of Wireless Local Area Networking and Security

  • Introduction to Wireless Local Area Networking
  • Introduction to Wireless Security Concepts
  • Exploring Encryption Ciphers used in Wireless Networking

Domain 2. Wireless Security Design and Architecture

  • Exploring Enterprise 802.11 Layer 2 Authentication and Dynamic Encryption Key Generation
  • Exploring SOHO 802.11 Security
  • Exploring 802.11 Fast Secure Roaming
  • Exploring WLAN Security Infrastructure

Domain 3. Wireless Network Attacks, Intrusion Monitoring, Auditing, and Wireless Security Policies

  • Exploring Wireless Security Risks
  • Exploring Wireless Security Monitoring
  • Exploring Wireless LAN Security Auditing
  • Exploring Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Exploring Wireless Security Policies

Domain 4: Additional Technologies

  • Exploring VPNs, Remote Access, and Guest Access Services
  • Exploring Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Securing Everything Wireless