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Welcome to 2019 !

CMD Photo2018 was an enthralling year for IANT. Laser focus and deep rooted passion enabled us to achieve the results we aspired for.

2019 promises to be an exciting year for us. The growth in IT Industry is expected to be robust and we at IANT in the IT training domain will complement this growth. We see tremendous potential for IT Training in 2019.

New Technologies are the order of the day and they are continuously creating a positive disruption in the IT ecosystem. The IT Industry says, "there are plenty of jobs but there is a dearth of skilled workforce."

It has now become crucial for Students across all categories (Under Graduates/ Graduates/Post Graduates/Professionals) to embrace the advent of these technologies. Quality Training is important to learn new technologies and the learning needs to be validated by achieving top notch global certifications. I personally believe that new technologies never stop job creation or reduce jobs. On the contrary, they propel efficiency with a constant need for workforce to up skill them selves.

IANT's strong focus is and will always be on student "Employability". We are not just looking at placing the student for a job, but training the student to acquire skills, knowledge and Global Certifications, which will make the student "Career Ready" and an "Employable" resource from day one for any organization. I urge every student to take the IANT career path seriously, which lays strong emphasis on Technology Training and Global Certifications. In IANT, we emphasize on both Training as well as Certification, so that our students get an edge in the job market. As you look to chart your career in IT, I would also like to stress on the aspect of "constant upskilling". In other words, "constant learning". Your learning should never stop. The more you learn, the more you add value to yourself and the organization you serve. Let me add here that every organization today is looking at multifaceted and multi skilled talent to join them and IANT course offerings will help you achieve this goal. IANT course includes "in demand" global certifications which will help enhance students' value in a highly competitive job market.

IANT offers Global Certifications at World's lowest price. Students can take benefit of some the best global certifications offered by IANT. Our Partnerships with Star Certification, CompTIA, RedHat and Microsoft have grown by leaps and bounds and we continue to add latest courses and certifications in our portfolio on a periodic basis. I would encourage you to take optimum benefit of our pricing and enhance your "Certification Portfolio".

IANT is among the top IT Education brands in Asia Pacific today and I sincerely thank our former Chairman & Managing Director — Dr. R. F. Kherani for his vision and foresight for IT Education. His approach and compassion towards adding value for IANT students has been exemplary and the value system he created, is something, which we would like to proudly carry forward. He has challenged IT Education myths and become a role model in the industry.

I would also like to thank all our students and parents for their trust and belief in us. It is your unwavering support, which has made IANT, what it is today. We have been in the IT Training spectrum for two decades but trust me, every day in IANT is a new and exciting day for me and my team.

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" — Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to IANT!

I assure you the Best because you chose to be with the Best!

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