Computer Hardware & Networking Administrator with Cyber Security and Cloud Computing

CHNA-SC course is designed to transform the career of a school/college student into internationally Certified Networking & Security Specialist Engineer. The intensive training modules of the course start with the easy to learn Basic computer operation, Hardware knowledge & Networking concepts and leads to international Certification training program authorized by Technology service providers i.e. CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco, Redhat & Star Certification. The integrated soft skills and language Training Curriculum in the course ensures that Trained professionals are technically proficient and competent for the jobs.

Fundamental of Computer & Cyber Secure User

M.S. Office - 2016

  • Introduction to basic of Computers
  • Learn how to work with Computers
  • Learn to work in a Corporate environment, which is a must in today's competitive market

SCSU (Star Certified Secure User)

  • In what will you SCSU learn?
  • Secure Usage of System/Gadgets/Devices. Cyber Secure yourself while using internet & Social Media Platform.

Computer Hardware:

CompTIA A+ (220-901, 220-902)

  • The Only Hardware Certification in the world, which is 2nd Largest Certification program in the world.
  • A+ Certification is offered by Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA)and backed by Association for Field Service Management International(AFSMI).
  • This course enables the student to master all aspects of Computer Hardware.

Networking & Cyber Security:

CompTIA Network+ (N10 - 007)

  • Only a Non-Vendor specific course for Networking offered by CompTIA, which provides the knowledge of Networking as a subject.
  • Builds a strong foundation in PC-Based Network Features, Benefits, Performance issues and Troubleshooting.
  • This course covers Networking Fundamentals, Network Protocols, Cabling, Developing Network design, Implementation and Troubleshooting, Maintenance of different Networks.

Cisco CCNA - (200 - 125)

  • The most sought-after course in Network Administration in today's Global IT Industry.
  • Cisco has set the standard for business transformation by using Internet Technology to integrate its Core process and culture.
  • The course covers the latest technologies offering of routers.

Star EHE (Star Ethical Hacking Expert) - (S09 - 006)

Ethical Hacking Expert Course Provide the opportunity to student & IT Professional who is interested to make a career in Cyber Security. In This Class Student and Professional Learn About Viruses, Worms, Sniffers Social Engineering, Denial of Service, Session Hacking, Hacking Web servers, Hacking Web Applications, SQL Injection, Hacking Wireless Networks, Evading IDS, Firewalls and Honeypots, Buffer Overflow, Cryptography etc. An ethical hacker is a security professional who applies their hacking skills for defensive purposes on behalf of the owners of information systems.

Server Operating System Enterprise:

Redhat - RHCE/ RHEL- 8 (RH124, RH134, RH354)

  • Redhat is the world's leading provider of Open Source Solutions. Through Linux, it can provide Reliable and High Performing Cloud, Virtualization, Storage and security services. Most of the MNC's, Corporate as well as Government departments are using Redhat Linux as their server's OS. The student will get 3 Participation Certificate from Redhat. Courses covered are RH-124, RH-134, and RH-354.

Microsoft – Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016 (70-740)

  • Equips the student to Maintain, Troubleshoot and Administrate one of the most popular Networking Operating system.
  • Course Covers: 70-740.
  • Latest course offered by the world's largest IT Company – MICROSOFT.

Cloud Platform and Infrastructure:

Star Cloud Computing (S08-511)

In cloud computing, the word cloud is used as a metaphor for "the Internet," so the cloud computing means "a type of internet based computing," where different services such as computer networks, servers, storage, applications and other services are delivered to computers and other devices through the Internet.

Star Expert IoT Specialist (S08-514) – Overview

This course helps participants to have detail knowledge of IoT system, from Sensor to SoC board integration and to Constrained IoT environment. Also, participants will able to create web interface to IoT system and perform Data (analytic) of Data collected from millions of Sensors.

Soft Skill

English Speaking

Job Interview Preparation