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John McGlinchey

John McGlinchey

Senior Vice President of CompTIA

"CHANGE IS THE ONLY CONSTANT"... This modern day adage is proven most aptly if someone studies the development of the information and Communication Technology landscape over the last one decades.It is observed that technology prevalent today becomes obsolete at a rate that is much faster than what we predict. Rapid strides in research and the demands of consumers are forcing IT organizations to constantly rethink what could possibly be the next innovation to make human life easier. This has led to new products and services being churned out by the industry at an extremely fast pace. Devices are smaller and smaller, but their computing power is growing without bounds. More and more we see that services are moving towards areas where we can consume them with much more ease and at a faster rate.

This has led to a challenge in the industry related to the speed with which skill and competencies should be developed among students and career seekers so that they can keep pace with the industry’s requirement for “zero-day deployment”. Organization prefers to employ workers who can start performing with limited induction training and handholding so that the turnaround time to provide services is minimized.

In this changing world, it is critical for students to invest in proper training and industry relevant certifications so that their skills are constantly updated and matches the industry demand.

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