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Mr. Denis Kwok

Vice President,CompTIA

During his inaugural speech at the "Make In India week" celebrations in Mumbai on February 13th, 2016, Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi said,"I Want to make India a global manufacturing hub". As we all know , that over the past more than one year, Indian Government has worked tirelessly towards refining India's strategy with the objective of creating India as a preferred destination for organizations across the globe to set up their manufacturing hub. This is supported by other mission-critical drives such as " Digital India" and "Skill India" which are personally monitored by the Prime Minister on their progress.For the success of the Make in India drive, one of the key aspects will always remain skill development of the workforce, especially on Information and Technology since most of these industries cannot do without a sound implementation of IT. While the Government is doing an excellent job in creating awareness on skill development, the industry community and training organizations have to do their bit to ensure that everyone falls into this larger ecosystem of providing the most suitable candidates for the industry to hire.

With the objective, CompTIA partnered with IANT Educom Pvt Ltd. (The Institute of Advance Network Technologies), a leading training organization with more than 100 centers of education spread across almost all the states of India. IANT is certified by CompTIA (The Computing Technology Industry Association) as their most esteemed PLATINUM TRAINING DELIVERY partner in India. Under this partnership, IANT is authorized by us to deliver high-quality training and industry relevant certifications to their students as a subsidized cost. Over the past more than two years, IANT has embedded two of CompTIA’s vendor technology neutral certifications – CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification and training within their course curriculum. During the first phase of this partnership, more than 10,000 students from IANT has been awarded certifications from CompTIA.

The result of this initiative has led students from India’s farfetched areas to access the best international credentials. These students have not only acquired the industry-relevant skills and knowledge on the latest information Technology domains but also received attractive job opportunities with leading organizations in India at a premium pay package. It has been observed that these candidates are more confident in facing interviews as well as get preferences compared to the students who have applied for the same position are not trained and certified. Along with IANT we have been engaged in also speaking with numerous students and academic institutions to make them aware of the benefits of training and certification.

As the World’s largest vendor technology-neutral certification body with more than 2 Million CompTIA certified professionals globally, we are extremely confident in the training delivery capabilities, infrastructure and technical knowledge of trainers employed by IANT. In fact, most of the IANT trainers providing CompTIA training are already certified by CompTIA to deliver these classes.

Abraham Lincoln said”.The Best Way to Predict Future is to create it”. As this partnership enters the next phase of the relationship, both CompTIA and IANT feel that it is necessary to create skilled workforce on some of the niche technologies that is absolutely mandatory for better employment opportunities for a fresh graduate in today’s world. The industry is now moving heavily on the technologies of Cloud Computing and convergence where most of IT implementation happens in cloud and mobility. With this trend, information Security is also gaining huge importance. While it is vital to continue the existing programs that we implement with IANT so that the student is well versed with the fundamental knowledge and skills; it is also imperative that we students certifications and training on new technologies such as Cloud Computing. With this in mind, we along with IANT are working on the plan to implement new courses on Cloud Computing and Security among the student community in 2016 and beyond.

CompTIA firmly believes that it is critical for the workforce to invest in education and training so that they are able to not only able find the best jobs and create a better life for themselves and their families but also help build a better and economically stronger India. I am sure that this partnership between CompTIA and IANT will usher this new dimension among thousands of students in every corner of the country.

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